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The Zimbabwe Community Development Project (ZCDP) grew out of the close musical and personal connections that Kutsinhira members developed with their Zimbabwean teachers and friends. Since 2002, Kutsinhira members have raised funds through concerts, garage sales, and direct donations to support community development and education efforts in Zimbabwe during these difficult economic times.

Kutsinhira has supported the following projects:

Nhimbe for Progress

Founded by Jaiaen Beck (Kutsinhira member) and Cosmas Magaya (Zimbabwean mbira teacher) in 1999, Nhimbe works in six villages, serving over 1,350 people. Donations have allowed Ancient Ways, the nonprofit organization that sponsors Nhimbe, to rebuild huts and toilets, ensure children attend school, and work with villagers to secure clean water and health care, which includes conventional, traditional, and alternative approaches.

For more information: http://www.ancient-ways.org/projects/nhimbe-for-progress/


Tariro is a grassroots nonprofit organization working in Zimbabwe to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS by educating young women and girls. Founded by Jennifer Kyker (Kutsinhira member and teacher) in 2003, Tariro currently funds the education of about 50 girls, providing a comprehensive range of services enabling them to complete a secondary school education.

For more information: http://tariro.org/

Chinhoyi High School Project

Patience Munjeri was Kutsinhira's sponsored artist in 2011 and 2013 and will be visiting the US beginning August 2015. At home in Zimbabwe, she teaches high school in Chinhoyi. Many of the 2,000 students in the school are impacted by extreme poverty and disease, and 675 are orphans. In 2011, through Patience's advocacy, the required school supplies and uniforms were purchased for these children, allowing them to remain in school. Donations through Kutsinhira and other U.S. communities also funded water purification during a cholera outbreak.

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